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There are many advantages to ordering your straws in bulk. Firstly, you will get better value for money as larger order sizes allow us to charge a lower price per straw. Secondly, all orders that exceed £200 in value qualify for free shipping. Thirdly, you will be able to take advantage of our closed-loop waste collection of all shipping materials; thanks to our extensive network of recyclers, we are able to collect the packaging materials your straws were delivered to you in and keep the management of this waste from becoming an inconvenience. As well as all these benefits, you will also be saving the environment from the unnecessary haulage that comes with placing a higher volume of smaller orders.

Free shipping on all orders over £200*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our paper straws are made by stacking 3 plies of high-quality food grade kraft paper and putting them through a core-winding machine that applies an adhesive and rolls the straws into shape. They are then cut to size, coated in lacquer to ensure quality and are then ready to be sold.